Nigerian dancehall artiste, Oritsefemi could not hide his pain seeing marriages crash  because of sex, which he believed shouldn’t be an issue in marriage

He said:
“Marriage is something that you have to be very diplomatic about. You have to be very careful and know what you are doing because it has its ups and downs. No marriage is perfect. Some people think that marriage is all about money but it is not. It takes God and the couple to understand each other. Some people talk about cheating in marriage and that is why I sang in my song, ‘Igbeyawo,’ that women should not starve their husband of sex. If you do that, it would bring problems in your home.”

Oritsefemi, who has two teenage daughters from an earlier relationship got married to his beau Nabila Fash in the first quarter of the year. He continued:

“I don’t want lack of sex to be a problem in my marriage. Anytime my wife wants to have sex, I would always give it to her, at any time. Sex should not be the problem.

“Money could cause problems but don’t let sex be the problem. Get close to your wife and try to understand when she needs it. As a wife, you also need to know when your husband needs to have sex.

” It pains me when I hear that lack of sex is the cause of some people’s marital crisis. I would rather hear a woman say that she wants her husband to work harder.”

Photo credit: Instagram @oritsefemi

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