Kubiiki Pride, from Atlanta, Georgia, found her daughter, identified as MA, on the escorts section of Backpage.com nine months after she disappeared.
When MA (pictured) was returned to her mother, she was addicted to drugs and had been horribly abused. ‘My daughter was stabbed and burned, her head shaved, and she was beaten,’ Pride said.

Georgia woman, Kubiiki Pride, was devastated and sick with worry after her 13-year-old daughter went missing. After months of searching, her worse nightmare came true. She discovered that her daughter was a victim of sex trafficking. Pride found her daughter, identified as MA, in the escorts section of Backpage.com nine months after she disappeared.  Their story is apart of the Netflix documentary, I Am Jane Doe which is about American mothers waging a battle against sex trafficking on behalf of their daughters.

Humans For Sale: Kubicki Pride’s daughter, identified as MA, decided to sneak out the house one night. That was one of the worse decisions that she ever made. However, MA was young as she was only 13. She had no idea about the pain she was about to endure. According to Daily Mail, after MA sneaked out the house to go to a party, she met a woman who she thought was going to help her. Instead of helping her get home, the woman ended up taking MA and introducing her to the dangerous world of sex trafficking. After 270 days, Pride started looking online and said she was scrolling through Backpage.com when she came across her daughter’s ad. Pride had used Backpage to purchase items for her home, however, she was stunned to discover that Backpage was used to purchase sexual services.

As Pride was scrolling through the ads, she was drawn to the attention of an ad with stars that read” young and new”. She clicked on the ad and she couldn’t believe her eyes. There were explicit photos of her daughter wearing only underwear and posing provocatively. I called and asked to purchase the services myself, Pride said in the I Am Jane Doe documentary. Thankfully, Pride was able to get her daughter back but she wasn’t the same. MA had been sexually abused, her head was shaved, and she was addicted to drugs. In addition, she was stabbed and burned. After she was returned to her mother, MA ran away 2 more times. I said ‘why are you running away?’ Pride said in the documentary while choking back tears. And she said, “Well mom I have to go and get these pills.”

Eventually, the woman who trafficked MA was caught and sentenced to five years in prison in 2010. However, MA and her mother were constantly reminded of the pain she experienced as the advertisement featuring explicit photos of MA remained online. Still angry and upset, Pride decided to sue Backpage in 2011. However, according to the Daily Mail, Pride’s case was dismissed under 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The act states that a website providing a service can’t be held accountable as the ‘publisher’ for anything users post or advertise on it.
Not only was Backpage not held responsible for what happened to MA, they refused to remove the photos of the 13-year-old until the website was shut down earlier this year. Now 22, MA said she is still having to come to terms with what happened to her as she struggles to move on with her life.

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