Nowadays, relationship triangles are forming more often than they should. In many cases, the warped dynamic consists of two unassuming women who are hopelessly in love with the same man. Unfortunately, someone always gets hurt in these cases, but things turned out quite different for a woman named Ayana. Apparently, she discovered she and a co-worker were dating the same man. The way Ayana broke it all down on Twitter is epic. With her story, the hashtag #SameBae was born. Now, it’s a viral sensation.

Ayana The Diva had been living with her boyfriend in Atlanta, GA. For a while, it seemed like the relationship was going relatively well, but things came to a screeching halt when she learned he’d cheated on her. At age 26, Ayana is no stranger to the dating game, and unfortunately, she’s had bouts with infidelity in the past. “I’ve been cheated on before, so this wasn’t my first rodeo in a situation like this. Throughout my relationships I’ve learned how to get answers,” Ayana told BET News.

When Ayana started her new job, she met a co-worker who she immediately clicked with. It didn’t take long for the two women to become friends and begin talking about their personal lives. Like most women, men were part of the discussion but things got a little weird when Ayana realized they had similar taste in men. However, the weirdness didn’t stop there.

Soon, Ayana’s co-worker began gushing about her man; a chocolate handsome one with a beard. But since they were at work, their conversation was cut initially short. But, the following week when they had the chance to talk about it again, she decided to show Ayana a photo of him. She was quite shocked to see the Instagram page her co-worker pulled up. Ayana was floored to see it was her man’s Instagram page. Of course, it didn’t take long for Ayana to realize they had the same man.

Although Ayana was hit with an array of emotions, she played the game before dropping the bomb on her co-worker. She wanted to get as much information as possible for letting her know the truth. Of course, Ayana wanted to know how her co-worker knew her man and she jokingly demanded to know her side of the story first. But the amazing part about it all was that she managed to hold it all together without revealing he was her man.

Ayana even went a step further to gain clarity about the relationship. She wanted to know if he was her co-worker’s man or just a fling. Her co-worker confirmed they talk every day and they might as well be in a committed relationship. Despite her anger, she still didn’t reveal the truth. After learning the truth, she devised a brutal plan for sweet revenge

Still keepin’ her cool, she took the plot to the next level. When Ayana asked her co-worker where she stayed, she received another interesting answer. Apparently, they live just minutes away from each other. So, she invited her over to the apartment where she lives with “their” man. As expected, the co-worker accepted the invite from her new friend. During the interview with BET, Ayana explained why she didn’t get angry with her co-worker. “Me getting angry with the girl on the spot wouldn’t have done anything for me. She was innocent,” Ayana said. “I needed her to tell me everything which is why I remained so calm. Before I would just react and be ready to fight.”

So after work, Ayana drives them both to her place and, just her luck, her boyfriend was home. When she saw his car, she was ready to go in for the kill. But, she admitted that she was shocked they lived so close. Her co-worker actually lives just six houses down. “I was more so over it on the ride home. I had my suspicions but this just took the cake. I will say he did not know we worked together. But the fact that she literally lived right down the street from me meant he had absolutely no respect for me even possibly finding out,” Ayana said.

He was in the bathroom when she walked in the house, but it didn’t take long for the after work soiree to go left. When he walked out to meet them, he was in for quite a surprise and so was Ayana’s coworker. She admitted their facial expressions were priceless. Surprisingly, he still tried to play it off, but the woman’s facial expression said otherwise.

After all of the smoke cleared, Ayana admitted she apologized to her coworker for not telling her the truth ahead of time. “My coworker is very sweet. She had no idea. I was never mad at her. She has seen the thread and I apologize for not letting her know beforehand,” Ayana said. “I also apologized to her for having to relive the moment via social media. She seemed forgiving.” As for her now-ex-boyfriend, she admitted it’s a done deal. “The only thing I have texted him is to come get his stuff from out of my house!”

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