A few years ago, Chris Brown and Rihanna sparked a media firestorm when they made headlines following a highly publicized domestic violence incident. For as long as fans can remember, Chris was seen as the monster in the relationship, but now he’s speaking out about the relationship for the first time and he has a different story from the one everyone heard before.

According to Hollywood Life, Chris’ new documentary Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life details many different aspects of the singer’s career and personal life. He even opened up about his whirlwind relationship with Rihanna. In the documentary, the “Deuces” singer admitted to a number of allegations he previously denied. He explained that the relationship moved rather fast and they fell in love quickly. But things came to a screeching halt when Chris admitted to Rihanna that he’d had sex with another woman. Although they tried to move past his dishonesty, the damage had already been. There was no turning back because the trust was out of the window. Regardless of what he did, Rihanna no longer trusted him and that would often lead to all kinds of fights. Chris admitted they both had a tendency to hit each other. “My trust totally was lost with her, she hated me after that. I tried everything, she didn’t care. She just didn’t trust me after that. From there, it just went downhill because there were too many verbal fights, physical fights as well. Mutual sides. It is the first time I get to say anything. We would fight each other. She would hit me, I would hit her and it never was OK.” He continued, “There was always a point where we’d talk about it like, ‘What the f—k are we doing?’ Like, ‘I don’t like you slapping me.’ If I go on stage I got a scratch on my face and I gotta explain it like, ‘Oh, no I fell.’ If you got a scar or a bruise you gotta put makeup on. I’m not ever trying to put my hands on any female.”

After numerous fights, Chris and Rihanna reaching their breaking point when they got into a physical altercation after a Clive Davis party. Photos of the two fighting in Chris’ rented Lamborghini immediately went viral. In the documentary, Chris recalled that day. “We are arguing, arguing and arguing so then I remember she tried to kick me,” Chris says in a clip from the doc, via Facebook. “It was just her being upset but then I really hit her with a closed fist, I punched her. It busted her lip and when I saw it I was in shock. I was like, ‘F**k, why the hell did I hit her like that…’ So from there, she spits blood in my face and I was like, ‘Yo!’ It enraged me more and it was a real on the fight in a car. We driving down the street, so I am like ‘Yo, we tripping, what the f**k, what are we doing?’” Chris went on to explain how things got even worse. “By this time her lip was busted and had a knot in her head because I pushed her head up against the window,” he said of leaving the singer bleeding in his car with the keys. “And a lot of the times I look back at that picture and I was like, ‘Yo bro that is not me bro, that is not me!’ I hate it to this day, you know what I am saying, it is going to haunt me forever.” You’re not alone on that one, Chris.

Chris’ documentary follows a string of reports detailing his abusive relationship with Rihanna along with a string of reports about his run-ins with the law due to ongoing anger problems. In February of 2009, photos of Rihanna’s injuries surfaced online and it didn’t take long for details about the incident to be reported. Months later, Rihanna appeared on 20/20 for an exclusive interview where she revealed the violent incident started as a verbal confrontation that quickly escalated. “I caught him in a lie, and he wouldn’t tell the truth. And I wouldn’t drop it,” Rihanna told Diane Sawyer in the interview. “I couldn’t take that he kept lying to me, and he couldn’t take that I wouldn’t drop it. … It escalated into him being violent towards me. And it was ugly.” Luckily, Chris and Rihanna have gone their separate ways. As we all know, relationships don’t always end well when there’s a history of domestic violence. In many cases, the end result leads to the death of one or both people involved. So it’s a good thing Chris and Rihanna parted when they did.

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