Jesse Williams’ divorce battle with estranged with Aryn Drak Lee

Actor Jesse Williams’ and his estranged wife, Aryn Drake-Lee are going through a bitter divorce and Drake-Lee is holding nothing back. According to divorce documents, she wants to ensure that her children are in a nurturing environment

According to TMZ,  Aryn Drake-Lee claims that her kids are suffering because of Jesse Williams’ behaviour and she wants to ensure that a judge protects them. Grey’s  Anatomy star Jesse Williams and his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, were married in 2012. Despite being married for 5 years, Williams and Drake-Lee had been together for 13 years. In his acceptance speech at the BET Humanitarian Awards, Williams paid tribute to black women everywhere, and gave a special shout-out to Drake-Lee, thanking her for changing his life. From their union, the couple had 2 children: a son, Maceo, born in 2015, and a daughter, Sadie, born in 2013. Well, fairy tales don’t last forever, and the couple announced their divorce in April.

Apparently, Drake-Lee does not want their children displayed on social media. TMZ reported that she feels like her estranged husband is using their children as a ploy to paint him in a positive light as he sometimes is in the press for negative reasons. In addition, Drake-Lee wants to monitor how many lady friends are around her children as well. Williams is reportedly dating Minka Kelly but his estranged wife claims that he has exposed their children to a “revolving door” of women. It’s not clear how long Kelly and Williams have been dating but Drake-Lee doesn’t want her children to meet any of Jesse’s girlfriends until they’ve been dating for 6 months

Drake-Lee is also seeking full custody of the children as she claims Williams has a violent temper. Williams’ estranged wife reportedly claims the actor was recently involved in a road rage incident with his neighbour. According to TMZ, Drake-Lee said during the fight the unnamed neighbour gave Williams the middle finger, which set him off. With the children in the car, Drake-Lee claims that Williams followed the neighbour and even threatened to kill him. Their separation has been full of drama as Williams once requested that the judge grant him more time with Sadie and Maceo, accusing his estranged wife of only allowing him to spend just under three hours a day with them. Even though he lives less than 3 miles from Drake-Lee, Williams claims that the children have not been allowed to spend the night. According to ET Online, who broke the news of Williams and Drake-Lee’s divorce, the couple cited “irreconcilable differences” as their reason for parting ways. Williams let it be known on Jay-Z’s 4:44 album, that he and his wife did not split because of some “cute girl


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