Angry youth in Edunabon town in Osun state nearly killed a man on Sunday evening after they apprehended the man suspected to be a fake pastor but for the intervention of the police who saved the day.
The aggrieved youths besieged  the palace of Salu of Edunabon where he was kept before being taken away by the police.

The man, Pastor Thomas Adeyemo was popularly known as (Efa) is the founder of Church named Ibudo Iparo Pin in Edunabon.

The cleric according to a credible source grounds of anonymity was said to have been  terrorising the town for over ten years since he relocated to Edunabon from Ori-Oke Amosun.”

In his words “there was a time his church was pulled down and  many worshippers were killed , nothing was done about it; maggot was coming out from female  private part who were  worshippers of the church, nothing was done to it;  he sleeps with members of the church after hypnotising them; he equally went to the grave to exhume corpse and was caught with head and still  nothing was done about it.”

“In all these, we reported to the authority in the town but because he enjoyed the support of the authority in the town; nothing was heard of it.”

Even, we heard from a reliable source that the

 (Crown) and the staff of the office of the authority in the town is in his possession.”

However, with the authority no more; we demanded that he should honourably leave our town but he refused; he brought a gun out to shoot us but we overpowered him and took the cartridge (Etu) from him.” he said.

On getting to Salu of Edunabon’s  Palace; there was palpable tension as the youths were eager to terminate his life but the chairman of Ife North West LCDA, Edunabon, Hon. Ademola Bangbe appealed to the people of the town not to take the law into their hands.”

“It took the intervention of the Nigeria Police from Edunabon and Ife Area Command to whisk him away from Edunabon in their Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) van to safety”.
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