The internet has been abuzz about the romance between senior couple Cleveland “Murphy” Lewis, 70, and Lucinda Myers, 67 since their engagement photos went viral recently. Now they have made it official. The two, who have both been previously married, tied the knot in a lovely ceremony in the same church where they met and fell in love.

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They said “I do” at the First Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Huntsville, Alabama, US, on July 29.       Gianna Snell Photography      Their romance has captivated many people around the world and demonstrated that it is never too late to find love. Lucinda looked stunning in her resplendent wedding gown while Murphy looked as dapper as any groom would in a dark suit.

Gianna Snell PhotographerMurphy’s wife Antoinette passed away in 2013 after 41 years of marriage. For her part, Lucinda had been divorced for 30 years. From their happy faces, it is safe to say they won’t be lonely anymore. Lucinda smile from her heart like a young bride and Murphy was the prince charming making the lady blush.They sealed their vows worth a kiss and the essence of love was redefined.  Gianna Snell PhotographyGianna Snell Photography

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