Music Label Exec’s Wife Shares How Having An Open Marriage Saved Her Marriage


Akia Brown, the wife of the music executive, Brian Maurice Brown, the CEO of BMB      Entertainment, opens up about how she makes her marriage work with unconventional methods.

Akia Brown is an attractive woman who’s been happily married for 20 years. What’s her secret you ask? In a new book entitled, ” Beyond Love”, the published author is dropping pearls of wisdom as she seeks to help others to develop an open mind when it comes to relationships. While the approach is still new and considered to be taboo, Brown is in an open marriage with her husband, Brian, and two other women whom she refers to as ” wife-in-laws“. Interesting……………

Interestingly enough, many women are sharing their husband with another woman and they don’t know. However, Brown is well aware of the other women in her husband’s life. The mother of 6 was constantly being questioned about the components of a successful, open marriage. So, she decided to lay it all out on the table as she reveals in her book the secrets of a successful open marriage. When describing Akia Brown, the word “shy” does not come to mind

I want the readers to read the book with an open mind, Brown told BOSSIP. At the end of the day, everybody just wants to be loved, and when people love someone unconditionally and if you’re honest enough to say, ‘This is what’s happening.’ if they are open and honest enough, you have to be at least open to accepting it.
I always find it interesting when open marriages feature the husband, the main wife, and the two sister wives. It intrigues me that it always seems to be a man at the centre of attention surrounded by a bevvy of beauties. While this may cause you to scoff, Akia Brown is not ashamed and could care less about your opinion. In speaking to Bossip, she revealed that her husband is a loving and caring man. Because he has so much love to give, he is allowed to give that love to other women as long as his wife is aware. Akia revealed that her husband has disclosed details of his affairs with other women.  In addition, his two relationships have produced 2 children outside of their marriage. While Akia Brown admitted that she too has permission to see other people in the marriage, however, her husband is enough for her.
The real meaning of this book is unconditional love, Brown said to BOSSIP.  I really wrote the book for women’s empowerment and let them know your past does not define the future, Brown said. We all go through things relationship wise, and you need to use them as stepping stones. The real purpose of the book is open communication and honesty.Don’t just let the love of your life go because of what society says, Brown said, “let that go and just live your life

What are your thoughts? Could you exist in an open marriage?

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