Disturbing Role Play During Sex Leads To Permanent Organ Damage, Now Her Lover Is Headed To Prison


One couple’s attempt to spice up their sex life has led to an extremely disturbing outcome. The bizarre series of events that led to the woman’s death is enough to leave anyone scratching their heads. Apparently, it all started at a Britannia hotel in Manchester, England and all hell broke loose after a bullet was fired.The couple’s night at the hotel was suppose to be a romantic night filled with sexual fantasy but things took a horrific turn for the worse during a role-play situation. At some point during their role-play, the woman was accidentally shot in the vagina. Her distraught lover, 47-year-old David Jeffers, emerged from the hotel room in complete panic mode. The victim, whose name has not been released, was rushed to Manchester Royal Infirmary where medical examiners confirmed the nature of her injuries.

Although she survived the devastating ordeal, she’d sustained “multiple gunshot fragments lodged in her abdomen, among other significant trauma injuries,” according to BET. Doctors were able to perform emergency surgery that ultimately saved the woman’s life, but she’s reportedly left with severe damage to her bladder and reproductive organs. Initially, she told doctors that Jeffers was a “’bad man’ who attempted to ‘blow her insides out,’” but further investigation revealed he wasn’t the only one who willingly participated that night.

What’s even more disturbing is that an investigation has confirmed that the fantasy was actually the woman’s idea she was “so excited” during the days leading up to their time together that she couldn’t sleep. It has also been reported that the woman covered the cost of the hotel stay. Their wild night began after they’d taken a series of drugs and alcohol. Jeffers admitted that he’d found the gun in a toilet at a pub which only makes the situation even more disturbing. He also admitted that he accidentally fired the weapon when he inserted it into the victim’s vagina. It is unclear whether or not Jeffers knew the gun was loaded. But regardless of all the circumstances, one thing is for sure: David Jeffers is going to jail.

On Friday, August 4, Jeffers was sentenced to 10 years behind bars after he pleaded o guilty to possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.







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