Weddings are always beautiful moments to remember but for two special couples, the big day was monumental for a number of reasons. According to WOW Amazing, Eric and Shawn Crow had no idea what they were in for when they volunteered at their local church. Apparently, the pleasure of helping others wasn’t the only gratifying thing about the experience. They also crossed paths with two very special women -Teyolla and Keyolla Loux.
The Men Of Their Dreams: While volunteering at the church, Teyolla and Keyolla noticed Eric and Shawn first. Although they were instantly taken by the two handsome young men, they initially didn’t believe they had a chance because the guys were older. In fact, Teyolla and Keyolla actually lost contact with the guys for about three years as they spent most of their time volunteering all over the country. But, then fate led them all to Haiti. They all attended a special class to prepare volunteers for work after an earthquake in Haiti. After meeting again, they went on a double date and the sparks began to fly.

After a whirlwind romance, Shawn popped the big question to Teyolla, but to their surprise, Eric also proposed to Keyolla. Since they all met together and the proposals took place simultaneously, they agreed it would only be befitting that they tied the knot on the same day.

In fact, the two girls – who were adopted by their foster parents Derek and Reneé Loux – even invited their birth mother to partake in the preparations for their big day. The ladies wore identical strapless gowns to marry their best friends. The couples celebrated their big day with a host of family members and friends.

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