Embattled American couple celebrate 7th wedding anniversary


The couple is in the middle of a divorce process initiated by Tiny in December 2016, but that has not stopped them from remembering one of the best days of their lives – their wedding day, July 31, 2010.

TI posts a series of beautiful pictures from the big day on Monday and writes:

“Happy 7th Anniversary Mrs H. Looking at these pics, it seems like the time flew by. Never a dull moment… Every day we LIT!!!! Stay making this family sh*t look sexy.”

“They ain’t never seen sh*t like us!!!! Can’t expect nobody to understand this thing of ours… it is unfathomable to most.

Through the good & bad we stay up, whether right or wrong we gon ride!!! That is all I can ask for. With all my love… Mr.H.”

Tiny response with an anniversary message of her own:

“Still one of the Best most rememberable days of my life.

“The day I walked down that aisle to marry the man to make all my dreams come true @troubleman31 because it was & still is wedding a girl could only dream for & still today very hard to top.

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